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Move over Nahargarh, here are 7 places around Jaipur you can visit on weekends

Jaipur is, without any doubt, of the most scenic places in India. It gives you a taste of history, culture, architecture, and splendor.

But if you are one of those who have explored the whole of Jaipur and want to go someplace new, read on:


A 1-hour drive from Jaipur, Samode still has preserved the authentic village style of Rajasthan. If you are into old-style royal architecture then think no far. Samode Fort, Samode bagh & Samode palace are a treat for history lovers & explorers. But, Samode has much more to offer than just old-style forts & heritage hotels. A ropeway to Hanuman temple is a perfect adventure activity you can do on a rainy day.


When we Jaipurites talk about road trips, the first thing that comes to our mind is Pushkar. The colourful streets filled with scrumptious street food make Pushkar a must-visit. The 2.5-hour drive on Ajmer Highway is a wonderful experience in itself. Spend the evening at La Pizzeria to end the day with the best pizza in town.


Ok, but Kishangarh has more to offer than just Dumping Yard. If you want to go to a place to find solace, the beautiful Gundolav lake situated near the Kishangarh fort is the place for you. It gives you the Udaipur feels without traveling that far!


The Sariska National Park is home to many wild animals like Indian leopards, jackals, hyenas, deer, monkeys, wild boars, rarest birds, and most importantly Bengal tigers. Apart from the national park, you can also enjoy the Sariska fort and some nearby temples during your weekend excursion. You will find many sunflower fields during your 2.5-hour drive to Sariska.


This place is not for weak hearts! The very famous Bhangarh is perfect for a single-day tour (you wouldn’t want to stay there any longer :p) from Jaipur. The spooky Bhangarh fort becomes even scarier during monsoon with the grey skies looming over. Visit it during the day for the best experience, as entry is prohibited at night.


The small town in the Shekhawati region is rich in its heritage. There are many forts & an open art gallery for all the art lovers to admire. As beautiful as the destination is, the 3-hour drive to Mandawa from Jaipur takes you through many colours of Rajasthan’s Shekhawati region. This town is a delight for art lovers!


Make your weekend even brighter by visiting the city of brightness- Abhaneri. The very famous step wall, Chand Baori, gets even prettier during the monsoon. Enjoy the folk dances and relish the daal baati during your visit to Abhaneri.

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