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Move over Nahargarh, here are 7 places around Jaipur you can visit on weekends

Jaipur is, without any doubt, of the most scenic places in India. It gives you a taste of history, culture, architecture, and splendor.

But if you are one of those who have explored the whole of Jaipur and want to go someplace new, read on:


A 1-hour drive from Jaipur, Samode still has preserved the authentic village style of Rajasthan. If you are into old-style royal architecture then think no far. Samode Fort, Samode bagh & Samode palace are a treat for history lovers & explorers. But, Samode has much more to offer than just old-style forts & heritage hotels. A ropeway to Hanuman temple is a perfect adventure activity you can do on a rainy day.


When we Jaipurites talk about road trips, the first thing that comes to our mind is Pushkar. The colourful streets filled with scrumptious street food make Pushkar a must-visit. The 2.5-hour drive on Ajmer Highway is a wonderful experience in itself. Spend the evening at La Pizzeria to end the day with the best pizza in town.