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The special Rajbhag of Shekhawati

Today we are going to tell you the story of a famous sweet of Jhunjhunu district which has created a name for itself. We are talking about Double Sikai Rajbhag of Bhagwan Halwai from Nawalgargh.

We all have tasted the spongy Rajbhog, which is easily available in every city, but this special double Sikai Rajbhog is available in Nawalgarh city only. The history of this Rajbhog goes back to the pre-independence era.

There is a small lane in Nawalgarh's Minter Chowk by the name of 'Bhagwan Ji'. About 82 years ago, a caterer named Bhagwan Saini started out making Rajbhog in a small shop. Due to the excellent taste, this sweet grew to become so well known that the street in which the shop was located was named 'Bhagwan Ji Halwai Ki Gali'.

The now owner of the shop Mr Girdhari Lal Saini informed that his father Bhagwanji Halwai learned to make sweets from Rameshwar Joshi around 82 years back.

When Bhagwan ji opened his shop in 1941, chhaina sweets were not very famous in the Shekhawati region. While making this sweet, he had no idea that the craze for this taste would reach abroad.

Bhagwan Saini always had the zeal to do new experiments with sweets. His insistence was that he should prepare such a sweet of his own which would be discussed far and wide. Due to this stubbornness, one day the idea came, why not make a new sweet by experimenting with Chhaina.