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Famous sweets in Jaipur and where to have them

Rajasthanis are known for their capacity to eat sweets. We all have heard the story of the young days of our parents when people in their village would eat 30 laddoos at once.

Well, my parents did too to which I always used to wonder HOW? But after tasting sweets from some legendary outlets in Jaipur, I understood it now.

Ghewar at Laxmi Mishthan Bhandar

The thought of crispy ghewar topped with fresh Rabdi and dressed with finely chopped dry fruits waters my mouth. LMB is known for a lot of things but their Rabdi ghewar is world famous. The demand for LMB’s ghewar around the world is unmatched. This place is a must-visit while visiting Jaipur. Around for ages, the shop is worth a visit if you’re in Johari bazaar

Mawa Kachori At Rawat Mishthan Bhandar

One of the oldest and most famous sweet shops in Jaipur. They serve a variety of Kachoris but their mawa kachori is something different and scrumptious. Crispy kachori with mawa filling is served with hot sugar syrup and is sure to make you heart skip a beat once you have it.

Doodh Laddoo at Bhagat Mishthan Bhandar

WHO DOESN’T LOVE JUICY LADDOOS? God bless this iconic sweet shop which has satisfied my sweet cravings every time (thanks to their many branches around Jaipur). The shop is more than 2 decades old, and many sweet shops have opened in the city since then but nothing matches their quality.

Rabdi at Mahaveer Rabdi Bhandar

A pocket-friendly place for food lovers, they offer a variety of snacks and their famous Rabdi is delicious. It is a paradise for food lovers in terms of quality, quantity, and price. Going by their name, you must have known by now that they serve the most scrumptious Rabdi in town!

Gajak at Narayan Ji Gajak

One of the most famoud Gajak shop in Jaipur making the most delicious gajaks in different flavors while maintaining its original taste. Their gajaks will literally melt in your mouth. Along with gajak, they also serve a variety of seasonal sweets and they specialize in dry fruit sweets too.

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