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Relish These Street Food Gems in Summers in Jaipur

When the summer heat in Jaipur becomes intense, there's nothing better than indulging in refreshing street food to cool down. These delightful treats are available in almost every corner of the city, allowing you to grab them on the go, no matter where you are.


Soda Shikanji

A quintessential summer drink, soda shikanji is a fizzy and tangy beverage made with fresh lemon juice, soda, and a blend of spices. It's the perfect way to stay hydrated and refreshed while navigating the bustling streets of Jaipur.


Ganne ka Ras (Sugarcane Juice)

Freshly squeezed sugarcane juice, often served with a hint of lemon and ginger, is a natural energy booster. This sweet and cooling drink is a popular choice among locals and tourists alike for its revitalizing properties.



These small, tangy berries are a seasonal delight in Jaipur. Often sold by vendors on street corners, phalse are enjoyed with a sprinkle of salt and black pepper, making for a unique and refreshing summer snack.


Fruit Juice

Fresh fruit juice stands are ubiquitous in Jaipur, offering a wide variety of options from watermelon and mango to pomegranate and orange. These natural, vitamin-rich juices are perfect for beating the heat and staying refreshed throughout the day.


Softy Ice Cream

A favorite among kids and adults alike, softy ice cream cones are a delightful treat to enjoy during Jaipur's hot summer days. Available in various flavors, including classic vanilla and chocolate, these creamy delights are a quick and delicious way to cool off.


Next time you're exploring Jaipur in the summer, make sure to indulge in these street food gems. They're not only delicious but also a great way to stay cool and energized as you experience the vibrant city.

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