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Offbeat things to do in Jaipur

People often think that the Pink City Jaipur has only forts and palaces as a tourist attraction. But no, Jaipur is so much more than the forts and palaces, here are some offbeat things that you can do in Jaipur.

Get your photos clicked by the world’s oldest camera

The century-old box camera of Tikam Chand Pahari is one of the many tourist attractions of Pink City, Jaipur. The iconic camera brought by Tikam Chand’s grandfather in the 1860s produces an iconic black-and-white photograph within five minutes. This box camera has been the bread earner of his family for three generations. Tikam Chand recalled that his grandfather used to sit near Hawa Mahal, which is a frequent tourist spot, and the government offices as well. While tourists used to get themselves clicked to preserve their memories, local people used to come there to get passport-size photographs for official work.

Check out the Egyptian mummy

The Egyptian mummy, which is displayed inside the Albert Hall museum of Jaipur, was first brought to India in 1883 for an exhibition as a gift by Brughsch Bey, then curator at the Museum of Cairo, to Sawai Ishwar Singh, the then ruler of Jaipur. The mummy brought almost 130 years back, is of a woman named Tutu. It was found in the Akhmin area of the ancient city of Panopolis in Egypt. The mummy placed inside Jaipur’s largest museum is a must-see.

Heritage walk tour

Walking tours are extremely popular in Europe. The heritage walking tour in Jaipur offers a whole new possibility of gaining a more thorough look at the history & culture of the city. While forts and palaces feature high on the list of travelers, many are choosing to replace a few of these with walking tours.

Jhalana leopard safari

Jhalana Safari Park is the best place to witness leopards and many other wild animals. It's a fantastic place away from the city. Enjoy a day from the hustle and bustle and evidence the wildlife. You can see leopards, hyenas, blue bulls, deer, peacocks, monkeys, and many other creatures in this hidden wildlife area of Jaipur.

Witness the art of hand-block printing

Rajasthan is the hub of craft & culture and houses many traditional crafts. Among them, the most practiced and known craft is hand block printing. The Sanganer area of Jaipur is a major center for very fine block-cutting and printing units accommodating more than 5000 block printers. You can easily visit a hand-block painting plant and practice this beautiful art there.

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