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New Year Extravaganza: Artists Set to Mesmerize Jaipur

As the year comes to a close, Jaipur gears up for a spectacular New Year's celebration, and what better way to welcome 2024 than with a lineup of renowned artists ready to set the stage on fire? Get ready for a night of music, beats, and unforgettable performances at various venues across the Pink City.


Hardy Sandhu at JECC Ground, Sitapura (31st December)

The heartthrob of Punjabi music, Hardy Sandhu, is all set to make Jaipur groove to his chartbusters. Head to JECC Ground in Sitapura on the last day of the year and experience the magic of Hardy Sandhu's live performance that promises to be a perfect blend of energy and melody.


DJ Aqeel at D’yore (30th December)

Kickstart your New Year celebrations a day early with the beats of DJ Aqeel at D’yore. Renowned for his remixes and electrifying DJ sets, DJ Aqeel will have you dancing the night away as you bid farewell to 2023 in style.


Jasmine Sandlas at Purgatory777 (31st December)

Join the vivacious Jasmine Sandlas as she takes the stage at Purgatory777 on New Year's Eve. Known for her powerful voice and dynamic performances, Jasmine promises a night filled with energy and musical ecstasy.


Juggy D/Justin Yanu at Purgatory777 (31st December)

Purgatory777 welcomes the dynamic duo of Juggy D and Justin Yanu to ring in the New Year. With a fusion of Punjabi and international beats, this duo guarantees an electric atmosphere and a night to remember.


Milind Gaba at EP East Lawn (31st December)

EP East Lawn transforms into a musical haven with Milind Gaba taking center stage. Join the celebration and sway to Milind Gaba's hits, creating an ambiance of joy and excitement as the clock strikes midnight.


Asim Riaz at Stardom Resort (31st December)

Stardom Resort beckons you to a New Year's bash featuring the heartthrob Asim Riaz. Known for his charismatic presence and magnetic performances, Asim Riaz will ensure that your entry into 2024 is nothing short of spectacular.


Jaipur's New Year's Eve promises not just a change in the calendar but a night filled with music, laughter, and the company of stellar artists. Whether you choose to dance under the stars or revel in the beats within the vibrant walls of a club, Jaipur has something for everyone this New Year. Get ready to bid adieu to the old and welcome the new in the most melodious way possible!

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