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Meet the all-CA family from Jaipur: the Rajwanshi family

CA is known to be amongst the country’s toughest courses. There were times in the late eighties and the early nineties, when the result percentage was in decimals when only 1 individual out of 100 people who attempted the exam used to clear the exam, unlike other field exams.

Nowadays You will find a lot of cases when father and son are CA or brothers or husband and wife. The family of CA Vikas Rajvasnhi (founder of Rajvanshi & Associates), his wife CA Shalini Rajvanshi, their children CA Abhinav and CA Abhishek and Abhinav’s wife CA Ritika is the first CA family of Jaipur where the entire family is breathing the accountancy air. This year in 2020, their family firm completed its 30th anniversary.

Abhinav (elder son) was good in fine arts but he restricted it to his hobby only. Parents Vikas and Shalini Rajvanshi played a big role in glorifying their profession amongst the kids from the grassroots stage. Both the kids started to develop an interest in the country’s leading finance course CA, eventually working with determination towards achieving the CA professional degree. Both Abhinav and Abhishek cleared the exams on First Attempt. Ritika (Abhinav’s wife) also cleared the exam same time as Abhinav did. The kids of the Rajvanshi family were groomed in such a way that it seemed they were destined to follow the profession of CA.

Abhinav says, “Both my parents were from the family of engineers. The grandparents laid down the foundation for commerce background for them to pursue CA when very few people considered doing it. My mother was amongst the few women CA’s in Rajasthan in the late 1980s.” “The benchmarks they set paved the way for us to pursue this course and follow in our parent's footsteps. Our discussions during breakfast ranged from jokes on taxation policies to memes on the economic crisis. It's fun when the entire family has so much in common to discuss at the dining table. There have been several instances where all five of us have visited on work-related audit purposes to places as respective partners and enjoyed the evenings as a family,” he added.

Abhinav’s wife who is also a CA and happened to be Abhinav’s batchmate and currently one of the leading practitioners in GST, says “having an interest in the commerce field and impressed by the fact 'CA being known as the toughest course', I too took up CA as her career option.“ she adds “ there is nothing better match than a family which understands your profession.”

Shalini Rajvanshi (CA and mother of Abhinav and Abhishek) said, “whatever our family has achieved today and recognition in society, a substantial amount of credit of the same goes to the profession and CA qualification. In my opinion, there is no harm in instilling an interest in children towards their parents' profession. So if Bollywood actors, sportspersons, doctors, business houses, and other professions can do it why not the CA’s.” “Providing children with a set map for their career is always a difficult road with lots of ups and downs. There are challenges towards acceptance, not only that creating a favorable environment for the development of zeal and proper motivation amongst children is important without which nothing can be achieved,” she added.

Shalini also believes that this is only possible by spending time with the children. Both Abhinav - Abhishek, when they were kids, used to accompany their parents for outstation work assignment tours, and work visits. Making the kids understand their responsibility and at the same time giving them appropriate space for their creative side and time for things to happen at their own pace and manner is most important. Both Abhinav and Abhishek did their training from Big4’s (EY And Deloitte) before joining the family practice, this has abled the firm to gain competitiveness and adapt to the future requirements of the profession.

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