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Meet that glam girl- Himanshi from Rajasthan

"I was in college when I decided to be a full-time YouTuber. I was trying, so youtube was like a backup thing for me back then because, on YouTube, it’s not sure whether you’ll succeed or not. Only hard work can make sure that you succeed, and yes smart work also.

So I decided to be a full-time YouTuber when I was in the second year of my college. I was young and didn’t want to earn money, I was not desperate to set my career because I was just enjoying myself at that time and so, I decided to choose YouTube as my career.

I decided to put the video and see what happens next but wasn’t very sure about the money. Yes I wanted to build a nice career and that was the only thing I wanted to do but I was not sure whether it will be through YouTube or not.

My journey till now has been nice. Ups and downs are part of every profession, but by the grace of God, I have received a lot from the people.

It feels nice when people give you immense love but I feel you should never be overwhelmed by it. Love or hate should not affect you much because it can hinder your growth process. If I would have let all the love and support get over me, I would not have found ways to make my work better. I would have thought that I am already receiving the love and getting 1 lakh views on my videos then I would have gotten satisfied with my work and wouldn’t have strived harder to make my videos better.

And I feel the same goes for hate also. We are on a platform from where the whole world can watch us and judge our work, and we know ‘Jitne Mooh Utni Baate’, so I was prepared for it. Whenever I spot a hate comment, I delete it and block the user. I never let it affect my mind or overthink it because I know that thinking too much over hate comments would distract me, demotivate me and all this will ultimately result in me leaving this platform.

I am very close to my family and my parents pamper me a lot.

They spoil me with money and gifts but there is one thing that I have always wanted, and that is to be independent. I never thought of living a lavish life with someone else’s money. I had decided a long ago that whatever I want to do, I will do it with my own money. And this thought has motivated me to grow more and more and work harder."

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