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Meet teenpreneur, Naina Bhatnagar, from Jaipur

I started soapy stories in 2016 when I was 8 years old. I never knew that what started as a summer project with my father to entertain myself will flourish into a beautiful business. When I first started making soaps, I thoroughly enjoyed the process and was constantly brainstorming about new designs, ideas, mixtures, etc. to make the soap more appealing, pretty, and beneficial for the skin.

In the beginning, when I just started making soaps, I used to gift them to my family members and friends. During that time, I received a lot of compliments from them which encouraged me and further helped me in boosting my confidence and motivated me to keep creating different kinds of soaps.

I held my first exhibition ‘Diwali Edit’ 3 years ago at my home. The exhibition was organized by my father who is an artist, interior designer and curator. The exhibition was a complete sell-out. The money I earned through that, I donated it to a charity that we all support, named Faith Sansthan, an orphanage. After donating the money, I truly understood the meaning of the joy of giving. And that’s why, ever since then, I have been contributing the money I raise by selling these beautiful, organic and handmade soaps to Faith Sansthan.

Soapy Stories has several different collections, my latest ones are Nature's bounty, gem stone soap bars, detox, exfoliate and massage, animal farm, psychedelic soap bars, colour crush and many more.

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