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Meet Ramdev brothers, miniature artists from Rajasthan

"Our journey has not been a simple one. Our childhood was full of struggles. We went through tons of ups and downs and worked very hard, and our hard work supported our achievements. Also, it was not easy at that time to earn a livelihood as a miniature painting artist. But our hard work and efforts paid off in the end. It is the choices and the decisions that we have made at each step that helped us achieve all the glory.

We would give all the credit for our creativity to our father who had always been affectionate toward art. He painted for his inner peace and not for any commercial purposes. The thing that used to fascinate us most was his canvas, which was not restricted to paper, but he used various objects like almonds, mango seeds, coconut, and potatoes to carve out different motifs. Among all, sketching an eye was his all-time favorite.

With a vision to keep miniature art alive and promote great Indian traditional art globally, we established the Rangreet Art Institute in 1996. Since then, there has been no looking back.

We have organized numerous workshops at the national and int