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Meet Manavaditya Rathore- Olympic trap shooter, National champion'19 & Asian champion'14 in shooting

"Jaipur has been a city close to my heart. I was born here and have wonderful memories of my childhood. I think the people of Rajasthan are very welcoming and humble, which is also one of the reasons so many tourists visit Jaipur and go back with a big smiles on their faces. The one place I love to visit is Nahargarh. I love to go there on late-night drives and enjoy the view of the city from above.

I hail from a family of army men. So, since I was a kid, I've had weapons lying around the house. To me, guns were more of a sports equipment than lethal object. Never was I asked to try out shooting or pursue it as a career by my parents; instead, I was more involved in playing football and swimming in my schooling days. Growing up, I started developing a fondness for shooting and guns that one day turned into deciding to pursue it as a career. I am enjoying every single day ever since.

Apart from shooting, I’ve walked for designer Pawan Sachdeva and that was a fantastic experience. It was my first time, but the atmosphere was so energetic, and Pawan Sachdeva was so friendly and motivating, which made this experience mind-blowing.

I’ve also started Instagram Live Series ‘Collabonation’ with the motive of bringing out the success stories of achievers as well as the hardships they've dealt with throughout their careers and it has been an enriching and exciting journey, all the fans are thrilled to interacting with achievers as well as asking them questions.

I don't have a roadmap as what we're dealing with today is something that many generations haven't seen, and the magnitude of the pandemic is humongous. I surely have my final exams starting in 2 weeks so right now I am just preparing for that, but you shouldn't be surprised if you see me doing something super adventurous post-lockdown because all that saved energy needs to be exhausted.

To be very honest! It’s challenging when your father has achieved such heights in sports. People have a lot of expectations from you, and it has been tough for me too. But at the end of the day, it's your life, and you need to enjoy every bit of it.

Once you start enjoying the beautiful things life has to offer as well as be in the present and cherish the journey, all the negativity and expectations get blocked out, it is only you then, living in the present."

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