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Meet Jaipur Guy ‘Saransh Goswami’ who made the fastest century in 28 balls

During my childhood, I never imagined I would pursue my hobby as my career. Like everyone else in our country, I too started my cricket journey from ‘Gully Cricket’. I and my cousin used to regularly play cricket during our free time and that’s when my dad realized that we were not just some regular players and got us registered in a cricket academy.

No one in my family is from a sports background. So initially I felt a lack of guidance. But when you once step in the pitch and meet different people from different backgrounds, you start to learn from their experiences and that’s what I did. I became my own guide and pushed my limits to become the best.

My star moment was when I made the fastest century. That day is still very fresh in my memory. It was 25 March 2021. I didn’t even realize that I made a record in world domestic cricket. I got praise from many prominent people and they all advised me to not get this success to my head.

I just cleared my 12th, and it was difficult to balance my studies and cricket. But there wasn’t a single day when I lost the balance between the two. As a sportsman, discipline is the most important aspect and with discipline, you can never go wrong in any field. during my board preparation, I would play cricket in the morning and study in the evening.

My dream is to represent India in the world. I want to play professionally in the Indian cricket team. I really admire Hardik Pandya. He is the best all-rounder in the present team. It is my dream to be like him and I am training myself each day to get there and I hope someday I will get there.

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