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Meet Jaipur guy Manvendra, working with TVF

I have done my schooling Graduation and post-graduation from Jaipur, I would say I have lived all my formative years in Jaipur, whenever I meet someone from Jaipur around the world, I feel like I have met a friend from home.

Starting from cycle to bike to car, I have learned everything in Jaipur, whenever I come to Jaipur these days and see those streets again, I relive all those exciting memories from Jaipur that have made me the person I am today. Since the start, TVF has been a dream job for me, I went to Leeds UK for Masters and when I came back to India I got in touch with Arunabh Kumar, founder of TVF, since then we were trying for the Non-fiction segment, and TVF’s motto is Lights Camera Experiment, so finally I got the chance to work for TVF and it’s a dream come true me. Preparing for non-fiction was a dream come true for me. Non-fiction is a reality through the lens of the creator and I think everyone has a unique perspective for fact so it has always intrigued me to watch and create non-fiction content. I feel its quite enriching and fulfilling, and much excitement is there for such content in India now.

I miss the mornings of Jaipur the most, those early tea sessions with friends and shopping at heritage walled city. You can not get this experience anywhere else in the world.

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