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Meet Dr. Divolka Gyanjee, a woman entrepreneur & voice of voiceless

"I started out in Gyanjee Caterers as a food stylist when the concept was so new that I included my services to make people aware of how food presentation could change the way we look and feel about food. Gradually people started asking for a particular food presentation according to their theme. But somewhere I wanted to increase food workshops in Jaipur, and bring new concepts in Jaipur related to culinary that were happening all over India but not in the Pink City. Thus Salt Food Fest came into being, a small idea that came out to be so big and Jaipur welcomed it with open arms :) we thought we will be doing it every alternate year.

Since my childhood, dogs were an integral part of my growing up, and have been taught to be compassionate toward the voiceless. I remember saving piglets stuck in a hole and bringing them back home as there was no place for them to get well. Since then, I have wanted to create awareness about the strays and how we as a community can save them and take care of them.

Through Gyanjee's CSR and along with the massive support of Raksha, we started nutritional drives for strays where we provided them with nutritional supplements. Due to COVID-19, our work stopped for a few days, then as Raksha and I discussed, we started a mass charity fund to which people graciously donated and we are feeding thousands of strays every day. Thanks to the scenario, we now have a very strong community of stray lovers which we are thinking to train and take it further.

I perpetually encourage people to feed stray animals in any possible way. I strongly believe that planting trees is the need of the hour and hence to promote plantation, I have been planting trees around my locality, for community building.

I would like to encourage youths to be more sensitive to the environment and learn to live in harmony with the environment and respect it."

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