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Jaipur: The Tier-2 city with the most job opportunities!

According to the Randstad Insights Talent Trends Report 2022, Jaipur and Vadodara in the Tier-2 cities, have shown strong hiring for BFSI jobs

The pink city Jaipur ranks first at all levels (12.83% in junior-level hiring, 12.40% in the middle level, and 26.08% in the senior level) in Tier-2 cities.

As one of the most economically developed Indian cities with excellent educational facilities, Jaipur is a great source of talent, and an extremely affordable city to live in. This incentivizes the BFSI industry to source talent from this city and draws job seekers too.

In Junior level hiring in Tier-2 cities, Bhopal, with 9.20%, ranks second to Jaipur.

Jaipur (19.14%) races to take the top ranking in the senior level positions. Jaipur has consistently improved its attractiveness as a Tier-2 talent location for IT. It has India’s largest IT/ITeS SEZ spread over 750 acres, is supportive of private sector investment, and has a significant-sized and cost-competitive talent pool.

In the senior level roles, Bhopal and Jaipur stand in first and second positions. The demand in Bhopal stems from its fairly strong pharmaceutical base, investment corridors, manufacturing facilities and educational institutions. As a location, it is known to be one of India’s greenest locations where people would like to live in. Jaipur, as a good source for IT and outsourcing services, plays into the need for strong shared services for PHL companies, and hence we see a strong demand for senior level hiring.

This edition of the Randstad Talent Trends Report by Randstad India provides insights on the talent needs of the BFSI, Manufacturing, IT and PHL in India. It unfolds a comprehensive view of current and emerging talent requirements in these industries, and also looks at future possible trends – so that organizations, employees and candidates understand what it takes to be future-relevant.

key highlights

  • Bengaluru continues to be the top Tier-1 city for hiring across industries and most levels of experience

  • Pune has become an attractive #2 Tier-1 city for IT jobs, while Nashik and Thiruvananthapuram rank as the top Tier-2 cities

  • Mumbai and Pune among Tier-1 cities, and Jaipur and Vadodara in the Tier-2 cities, have shown strong hiring for BFSI jobs

  • Pune and Chennai in Tier-1 cities, and Coimbatore and Vadodara among Tier-2 cities, are the talent hotspots for manufacturing

  • The PHL industry has shown good hiring in NCR and Mumbai among Tier-1 cities, and in Chandigarh and Vadodara among Tier-2 cities

  • Specialty doctors are strongly in demand in the PHL industry

  • Business operations is the #1 skill bucket looked for the BFSI industry

  • Production management, supply chain and operations management are the top skills hired for in the manufacturing industry

  • Cloud computing, AI, data science, information security, cybersecurity and blockchain are new-age technologies in which India is building a winning competitive advantage

  • Organizations across industries have shown a strong penchant to hiring freshers and junior level professionals for upskilling

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