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Jaipur's New Gems: 5 Must-Visit Destinations for Your Next Trip

Here are 5 exciting new places to explore on your next trip to Jaipur, each offering a unique experience that showcases the city's rich heritage, artistry, and culinary delights:


Polo Palladio Jaipur

Discover the opulent Polo Palladio Jaipur, a new addition to the Rajasthan Polo Club designed by Marie-Anne Oudejans. This private club features elegant salons, dining rooms, a lounge, and a private dining area with views of the garden and polo pitch. Experience Indian maximalism and the world of polo in a luxurious setting.


Museum of Meenakari Heritage (MoMH)

Immerse yourself in the art of meenakari at the Museum of Meenakari Heritage curated by Dr Usha R. Balakrishnan. This museum showcases over 120 reproductions of enamelled artefacts, highlighting the history and intricate craftsmanship of meenakari jewellery. Learn about its regional variations and artistic influences.


Swinton House

Explore Swinton House, a tribute to architect Samuel Swinton Jacob, known for iconic Jaipur landmarks. This space combines Indo-Saracenic charm with Art-Deco elements, offering a unique blend of Indian and European influences in both design and cuisine. Try their innovative dishes like dabeli wheels and paneer mousse nest while soaking in the historical ambiance.


The Palace Atelier

Visit The Palace Atelier, a museum-cum-concept store at Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II museum shop. Discover a curated selection of items celebrating Jaipur's design, art, and fashion heritage, including gottapatti chess sets, miniature painting matchboxes, and silk ties adorned with camel motifs. Support local artisans and explore unique souvenirs.



Experience the vibrant Laalee boutique homestay, featuring colorful interiors and thoughtful design elements. Each room is named after a symbol of Hindu culture, celebrating the life of Krishna. Relax in the lush garden, unwind by the plunge pool, and savor the ambiance at the café. Laalee offers a refreshing and artistic retreat in the heart of Jaipur.


These new destinations in Jaipur promise delightful experiences, whether you're interested in history, art, design, or simply indulging in a luxurious stay. Plan your visit to explore the evolving cultural landscape of Jaipur and uncover hidden gems that reflect the city's dynamic spirit and creativity.

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