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Jaipur Counted in One of the Worlds Best Cities

Travel + Leisure has ranked Jaipur 8th on the list of 25 best cities in the world.

Jaipur is a place that every person should visit once in their life time. As soon as you set foot in the city it will take you back in time. With its pink Bazars and exquisite forts the people have kept the history of the city intact where if you go deeper than the surface each street has a story to tell. The luxury hotels can make you feel like royalty as the city has the finest selection of luxury hotels in the world. It is also a dream for shopaholics as the markets provide the the best ever selection of jewelry clothing and handicraft which you cannot find anywhere else in the world.

Jaipur has a mix of old rustic charm in a urban setting. You can find tranquility even on the most busy days. So it is the perfect place to spend a month or two working from home on your laptops by the day and exploring the city in the evening. If the luxury hotels are burning a hole in your pockets you can stay at one of the many hostels the city has one of the most recommended hostels is The Hostelier. So plan your next vacation or staycation in the city also known as the " Paris of India" and do prepare to be transformed.

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