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Is Robot Uprising Coming Sooner Than You Think?

"Will this robot take charge when the robots wages a war against us?"


Now police in Rajasthan will have robots to follow instructions. Along with this high-tech

camera that will keep an eye on rule breakers. This robot will be installed first at JDA circle in Jaipur city and has been approved by JDA and traffic state department. According to the demo the robot will be 14 ft in height and will be installed on a 6 ft high circle. One arm will be about 4.1 ft long while the hand and head will be 2 ft long. It will have 3 displays, the top display will display traffic signals, timer on second and speed of passing vehicles on third. The cost of this robot will be around 20-30 lakh rupees. The robot will be equipped with LED displays, lights, sensors, timers and camera. Both hands of the robot will automatically adjust according to the traffic which will trace the vehicles passing through the green signals. After connecting to Wi-fi, the view of the robot’s camera can be seen from laptop, tablet and RLVD systems.

Many agencies are providing resources to a Jaipur Traffic Police and high-tech cameras have been installed at my intersections in Jaipur city. Jaipur will be the second smart city after Indore where robots will be installed for traffic.

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