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How to Cope with Jaipur Traffic

Traffic jams are really irritating and nobody likes them as they disrupt your whole schedule but Jaipur traffic is increasing everyday so you have to deal with it but when you come to think of it, it can be a blessing in disguise as it gives you a break from your very busy schedule so let us tell you how to make the most of these traffic jams:

1.Catch up with an old friend

While caught up in your busy jobs you hardly get time to go meet your friends and the traffic does not make it any easier but what you can do is call up that friend that you haven’t spoken to in a while to tell them you are thinking about them.

2. Read a book

You must be wondering how you can read a book while driving, the road will keep your eyes and hands busy the 2 things that you require to read a book but what you didn’t think about was you can listen to audiobook on Audible and finish that unfinished book. Even if you are not a big reader you can at least listen to a book it’s like a friend telling you a story if not that you can simply listen to a podcast.

3. Gather your thoughts

It is always said you don’t get time you make time for things you want to do and traffic jams are the perfect time to spend some quality me time. You can even do mindful journaling and think of 5 things that you are grateful for or the 5 people in your life that make you the happiest at the moment who knows you might come out of the traffic jam a changed person all together.

4. Vibe to your favourite tunes

While you drive music can sometimes be distracting but when you are stuck in a traffic jam and your car is moving painstakingly slow it is the perfect time to crank up some tunes and enjoy some music. So, take out that playlist and turn that traffic jam into a little dance party.

5. Play a car game

If you are not alone and have a someone sitting beside you in a traffic jam you can play a car game like 20 questions where the other person has 20 questions to guess the a animal, place or thing you are thinking about and you can take turns doing so or if you are super creative you can make up your own game too.

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