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History of Jaipur: Journey of name from Jaynagar to Jaipur

Although commonly known as the 'Pink City' due to the predominant use of pink color in its architecture, the city of Jaipur has an intriguing naming history. It may be familiar to you how Jaipur came to be known as the Pink City, but did you know that it was not always called Jaipur? In fact, the city has undergone eight name changes throughout its history.

Initially, when it was established, the city was named Jaynagar. Later, it was recognized as Sawai Jaipur by the Mughal emperor Muhammad Shah. In 1798, the city was renamed Jeypore, and in 1829, the historian of Rajasthan, Colonel James Tod, referred to it as Jepur. The English spelling was further modified to Jypoor by J & C Walker in 1833, and later changed to Jypore, which was used in agreement with the British for many years.

In 1897, the spelling of the name was changed again to Jaypur, and the final change was made the following year, in 1898, when the city was officially named Jaipur, the spelling that remains in use to this day.

The city of Jaipur has undergone various name changes throughout its history, including:

· Initially established as Jaynagar.

· Renamed as Sawai Jaipur by Mughal emperor Muhammad Shah.

· Called Jeypore in 1798.

· Referred to as Jepur by historian Colonel James Tod in 1829.

· The English spelling was modified to Jypoor by J & C Walker in 1833.

· The British agreed to use the spelling Jypore for many years.

· Changed to Jaypur in 1897.

· Finally, the name was officially changed to Jaipur in 1898, and it has remained the same since then.

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