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Highlights of Rajasthan's First Interim Budget Under the Bhajanlal Govt

The budget of Rajasthan was presented on Thursday. This was the first budget of the Bhajan Lal government. In this budget, the Rajasthan government has announced several gifts for the people. The state's finance minister presented the budget, announcing education, jobs, and pension for elderly people in Rajasthan. Along with schools and colleges, significant announcements have also been made for hospitals in the budget.

Let's find out what all has been given to the people of Rajasthan in the first budget of the Bhajan Lal government.

Laado Incentive Scheme

The Bhajan Lal government of Rajasthan has made several announcements for women in the budget. In this budget, an announcement has also been made for the Laado Incentive Scheme. Under this, a savings bond of Rs. 1 lakh will be given to families in Rajasthan on the birth of a daughter.

70 Thousand Jobs

The budget has also focused on youth. In the budget presented on Thursday, an announcement has been made regarding jobs for youth. According to the announcement, 70 thousand vacancies will be filled in the state for youth this year.

Pension for Rickshaw Pullers

The Rajasthan government has also announced in the budget for rickshaw pullers. In the budget, provision has been made for a monthly pension of two thousand rupees for elderly rickshaw pullers in Rajasthan. This benefit will be available to rickshaw pullers who are 60 years of age. However, beneficiaries will have to pay a monthly premium for this pension.

Expanding Irrigation Projects

While presenting the budget, Finance Minister Diya Kumari said that the BJP government of Rajasthan has expanded the Integrated Area Development Scheme (IADS). She said that now this project will cover 21 districts instead of 13. She also said that the budget provision for this project has been increased from 37,250 crore rupees to 45,000 crore rupees.

Clean Drinking Water Provision

The Bhajan Lal government of Rajasthan has also announced to provide clean drinking water to the people. A budget of around 15,000 crore rupees will be spent under the Jal Jeevan Mission. This will provide drinking water to 25 lakh rural families. During this, Diya Kumari also announced that metro service will be extended from Sitapura to Vidhyadhar Nagar.

For Farmers

While presenting the budget on Thursday, Finance Minister Diya Kumari has also made a big announcement for farmers. Under the PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana, financial assistance has been increased. Now instead of 6000, 8000 rupees will be given. A provision of 1400 crore rupees has been made for this scheme. For the convenience of farmers, the government has announced several schemes including 20 thousand ponds in the fields, 10 thousand kilometers of irrigation pipelines, vermicomposting units, and food parks. Along with this, the Rajasthan government will give a bonus of 125 rupees per quintal on wheat to farmers.

The Bhajan Lal government of Rajasthan has also announced cheap loans for farmers. On the lines of KCC, the announcement of Gopal Credit Card has been made under which loans will be given to five thousand farmers for a short period. A provision of 150 crore rupees has been made for this in the budget.

Solar Panels on 5 Lakh Houses

The government has announced the installation of solar panels on more than 5 lakh houses. Under this, solar panels will be installed on more than 5 lakh houses in the state in the next one year. This will provide free electricity up to 300 units to the people.

For Women

Lakhpati Didi Scheme

The Rajasthan government has also announced the Lakhpati Didi Scheme in the budget. Under this scheme, skill will be given to five lakh women. With this skill, women can earn 1 lakh rupees per year.

Matru Vandana Scheme

An announcement has been made for the assistance of pregnant women under the Prime Minister Matru Vandana Yojana. A budget of 90 crore rupees has been allocated for this scheme. The amount received under this scheme has been increased from 5,000 rupees to 6,500 rupees.

A provision of 20 crore rupees has been made for establishing an ideal Anganwadi center in each block of Rajasthan. 73 lakh women are getting LPG gas cylinders for 450 rupees.

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