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Tired of hanging out at cafes? Here's 7 free parks in Jaipur you can go to instead

Cafes have been the favorite hangout space for youngsters for ages now! But with cafes come its own challenges like deciding which one to go to. Many youngsters, when asked about things they don’t like when hanging out with a friend or a group of people at café, answered with, deciding what to eat, having limited time, acting sophisticated and the worst one: deciding who will pay the bill.

We compiled a list of parks where you can hang out with your friends all day long…

Central Park

Located in the heart of the city, you won’t have trouble inviting your group here. The astounding landscape and the longest jogging strip make central park one of the bests in Jaipur. You can sit around, watch the birds, click some beautiful pictures and take a nice walk with your group here.

Woodland Park

The park will give you the feel of a forest. Situated in Mansarover, this park is a perfect treat for those who love a little adventure wherever they go. A treat for photographers, this park is filled with beautiful sceneries you can capture with your lens.

Dwarkadas Park

Adjacent to Jaipur Chaupati in Mansarover, this park is the favorite jogging spot for those who live in the area. In the morning you can witness the yoga group doing their daily practices in the park, and in the evening you can enjoy the view of Jaipur Chaupati and even bring your food to the park to enjoy it there.

Nehru Bal Udhyan

All 90s kids remember this park for all the good reasons. This fun park is still the favorite of many kids as it offers toy trains and many other fun and adventurous rides. You can visit this park with your group and enjoy it as this park is a little fun fair in itself.

Deer Park

If you want to enjoy some time with your friends and some animals, look no far. Deer park is home to many deers, ducks, and monkeys. The park is a hidden attraction as not many people visit this park and that makes it famous among dating couples.

Jaipur Park

if you want to go on a drive and enjoy the view of the highway, Jaipur Park is the place to go. Situated in Raghunathgarh, this park has a giant board with Jaipur written on it (yes the same we see in every Jaipur reel nowadays).

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