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Dr. Prem Chand Bairwa: Navigating Leadership as Deputy Chief Minister

Prem Chand Bairwa, born on August 31, 1969, currently serves as the 7th Deputy Chief Minister of Rajasthan, sharing the responsibility alongside Diya Kumari under Chief Minister Bhajan Lal Sharma. He is a dedicated member of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and represents Dudu in the 16th Rajasthan Legislative Assembly.


Political Triumphs

Dr. Prem Chand Bairwa emerged victorious in the 2023 Rajasthan Legislative Assembly elections, defeating Congress candidate Babulal Nagar by a margin of 35,743 votes. Prior to this, he secured the Dudu constituency in 2013, defeating Congress candidate Hazari Lal Nagar by 33,720 votes. Despite facing defeat in 2018 against Babu Lal Nagar, he made a triumphant comeback in 2023.


Political Journey

His political journey commenced in 1995 with the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP). In 1995, he actively contributed to the Dudu block organization, laying the foundation for his grassroots political involvement.


Educational Background and Professional Life

Dr. Prem Chand Bairwa holds an MA and Ph.D. in addition to being a petrol pump dealer. Beyond politics, he is involved in various roles, serving as the BJP's Deputy In-charge for the SC Morcha and holding the position of President in the Bairwa Sabha.


Community Involvement

Apart from his political commitments, Dr. Bairwa is deeply engaged in social causes and has been actively contributing to the development of Dudu. His multifaceted involvement, both politically and socially, highlights his commitment to the welfare and progress of the community.


Leadership Roles

In addition to his responsibilities as Deputy Chief Minister, Dr. Prem Chand Bairwa serves as the BJP's Deputy In-charge for the SC Morcha, emphasizing the party's commitment to inclusive governance. Simultaneously, he holds the position of President in the Bairwa Sabha, reflecting his active involvement in community affairs.


As Rajasthan's Deputy Chief Minister, Dr. Prem Chand Bairwa continues to navigate the complex landscape of politics, bringing forth a blend of experience, education, and dedication to his role in the service of the state and its people.


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