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Chidiya Teerth: Jaipur's Multi-Storey Avian Haven

Ever imagined a multi-storey apartment designed exclusively for birds? Well, in the vibrant Pink City of Jaipur, such an extraordinary structure exists. This year, a unique six-storey minaret called Chidiya Teerth was erected in the Pinjrapol Gaushala, an animal welfare center located in Jaipur's Sanganer area. This remarkable bird tower serves as a shelter for more than 2,000 birds, offering them a safe haven amidst the urban landscape. Let's explore the fascinating details of this colorful avian abode and the motivations behind its creation.

A Towering Oasis for Birds

Standing tall at 80 feet, the bird tower at Pinjrapol Gaushala has become an iconic structure named Chidiya Teerth. Its exterior is adorned with vivid colors, adding a touch of vibrancy to the surrounding landscape. The tower boasts multiple gate-like openings, enabling easy access for birds to enter and find refuge. This towering oasis has been thoughtfully designed to address the increasing loss of habitat due to deforestation in the urban areas of Jaipur.

A Homely and Aerial Retreat

The interior of Chidiya Teerth has been carefully plastered with clay, creating a cozy and familiar environment for its avian residents. This natural material helps maintain a comfortable temperature within the structure, making it suitable for the birds during the scorching summers. The tower's design ensures proper ventilation, providing an airy retreat that promotes the birds' well-being. Additionally, the dedicated workers at Pinjrapol Gaushala ensure a steady supply of food for the birds, making Chidiya Teerth an enticing destination for our feathered friends.

A Conservation Initiative

The construction of Chidiya Teerth reflects the commitment of the Pinjrapol Gaushala authorities to address the challenges faced by birds in urban environments. Deforestation and habitat loss have a profound impact on avian species, leading to a decline in their population. This innovative initiative aims to counteract this trend by providing a safe space where birds can seek shelter, nest, and find respite from the changing landscape. By creating Chidiya Teerth, the Pinjrapol Gaushala is actively contributing to bird conservation and raising awareness about the importance of preserving habitats for diverse wildlife.

The Pinjrapol Gaushala's Legacy

Established in 1907, the Pinjrapol Gaushala is one of Jaipur's oldest and most esteemed animal welfare organizations. The center primarily focuses on caring for cows and extends its support to other stray animals, providing them with medical aid and necessary assistance. With the addition of Chidiya Teerth, the Gaushala expands its mission to encompass avian welfare and conservation, demonstrating its commitment to protecting and nurturing diverse species.

Chidiya Teerth, the multi-storey bird tower within Jaipur's Pinjrapol Gaushala, stands as a testament to the city's dedication to environmental conservation and animal welfare. This captivating structure offers a haven for over 2,000 birds, providing them with a safe and nurturing environment amidst the challenges of urban development. Chidiya Teerth not only provides shelter but also serves as a reminder of the crucial role we play in preserving habitats and protecting the diverse wildlife that enriches our surroundings.

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