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Breath taking picturesque sunset views in Jaipur

Jaipur is named the pink city, but it is no less than the golden land. To be honest, I’ve traveled to lots of places but I have never witnessed a sunset like Jaipur anywhere.

Are you looking for some picturesque Jaipur viewpoints or places to go for sunset in Jaipur? Here are our top 7 best Jaipur sunset points and locations in Jaipur.


Amer Fort is one of the most popular attractions and sites in Jaipur. It consists of spectacular ramparts, a series of alluring gateways and arches, and architecturally brilliant towers and courtyards. But, did you know that the Amer Fort also offers one of the best Jaipur viewpoints to watch the sunset? Get on the top of the fort at the time of sunset and get drenched in the golden pink rays of the setting sun.