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Art galleries and museums in Jaipur

Rajasthan is a land that has been blessed with many brilliant artists and art forms. We have compiled a list of a few art galleries situated inside the capital city, Jaipur. These galleries are a must-visit for all artists and art enthusiasts:

Gallery Artchill

Gallery Artchill is a prestigious art space inside Amber Fort. This gallery is primarily responsible for introducing the concept of Contemporary Art in Rajasthan. The Gallery takes part in International Art Affairs to boost Indian art awareness abroad & is keen to establish Art Exchange Program in order to introduce art across borders & initiate art exchange between different countries. Artchill set yet another milestone in 2013 by launching The First Contemporary 3D Art Book in the World, ‘Mellifluence’ which carries the brilliant art by Akash Choyal.

Gyan Museum

The Gyan museum is a tribute to Late Mr. Gyan Chand Dhaddha. It has varieties of Textiles, and Mughal Rugs depicting the entire hunting scene. The then prevalent playing cards, Silver Hukkas, Gorgeous Gemstones, Vintage Spectacles, Paintings of the 19th century and older, the rarest inscriptions, and everything else in-between-all showcased in the gallery! Gyan Museum is constructed to depict a reciprocal recognition of about 3000 years of cultural heritage. Today the museum has possession of over 2500 works of exceptional art both of Indian and foreign origin.