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A Tragic Accident Took the Life of a Young Man

A Swiggy food delivery boy was killed by a speeding car in the middle of the road.

In the late night hours of 19 June, 2022 Rakesh was driving on the Durgapura Flyover and was hit by a speeding car which caused him to hit his head on the T-guard on the divider. This caused serious injuries to his head and even though he was rushed to the hospital it ultimately resulted in his death. He had become a father merely 2 months ago and has brought his family to Jaipur just 15 days ago while he himself had been living in Jaipur for many years. The speeding car is still on the run and the police is working on finding the driver.

Rakesh Kumar Verma was just 30 years old and was a resident of Todarai Singh of Tonk district. He lived on rent near Tuti Pulia in Sanganer Jaipur said Head constable Surendra. Rakesh was working as a swiggy delivery boy at night and used to repair AC’s in the day to make ends meet. His father had deceased a while back. The family is devastated and the victim’s wife fell unconscious after hearing the tragic news. Victim’s brother has filed a complaint and the police has already started to look through CCTV footage to find the culprit

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