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  1. The mouthwatering honey chili potato and chilled Iced tea of the school canteen after an exhausting games period>>>.

  2. Using dance practice or SUPW subjects as an excuse for bunking Sunita ma'ams accountancy periods in the yoga shed.

  3. Boasting over the 'tendua' that entered our school even when we were not even present there to witness it all.

  4. Gossiping over 'the Krishna Bhati and management' face off till now.

  5. The relief from escaping the scolding of Manisha ma'am as you hear her voice echo on the 3rd floor .

  6. Feelings of nostalgia that creep in when we recollect our time spent with Ronny sir in Lillypool- something that is common across various batches.

  7. Lastly an ode to where it all began- stepping foot in bal vaatika after years, agh the gooosebumps!

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