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5 things you can do in Jaipur to kickstart 2023

If you are in Jaipur to celebrate the beginning of the new year, you have made the best decision. For most people, the big celebration of the new year takes place on New Year’s Eve. But we’re here to tell you that New Year’s Day can be just as fun! Here are some ideas on how you can kickstart 2023 the perfect way.

Watch the first sunrise of 2023 from Nahargarh

We all know that firsts are always special, be it first love, first date, first job, first friend, or the first day of the new year. Make the first day of 2023 special by watching the first sunrise from the top of Nahargarh hills. I promise you won’t forget this serene view for the whole year.

Seek blessings of Govind dev ji

What better way to start the new year than to seek the blessings of Govind dev ji, one of the oldest temples of Jaipur! Visit the temple during the wee hours for Mangla Aarti and give a spiritual and religious start to the year.

Leopard safari at Jhalana

An adventurous start to the adventurous year. If you love adventure, then trust me, there’s no better way to start your new year than this one. Pre-book a safari ride to avoid the rush and get lost in the world of wilds in Jhalana.

Treat yourself to a spa day

Repeat after me: I will make this year about ME. Not putting yourself first is so last year. This year focus more on your well-being and happiness and start doing that from the first day of the year itself. Book a spa day, get your nails done, get that haircut or do anything you have always wanted to do for yourself. This is the time.

Get cracking on that resolution

New years and new year’s resolutions have always had a love-hate relationship. If You've vowed to stay motivated and go to the gym. To eat out less and cook more at home. To take time to meditate or get organized or practice gratitude. Whatever you've chosen as your New Year's Resolution, if you take time out to tackle it on January 1, you can boast that you have a perfect streak of doing whatever it is for 2023.

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